Tim Bertels


Tim Bertels works full-time on CO2 management since the early 2000s. Presently he is the leading the largest CCS project in the Netherlands.

Tim worked Exploration & Production for almost 30 years, holding several technical & leadership positions in countries across the world. He has been involved from the “inception” as part of the strategic think-tank within Shell for how big corporates should deal with CO2 management. He was directly involved and harvested valuable learning from the earlier adopter CCS projects like Barendrecht (Netherlands) and later Peterhead (UK), including the importance of deep collaboration and alignment, and the stamina needed to energise people -and maintain focus on long-term risk management goals.

Under his leadership Shell implemented more effective carbon management measures and policies, specifically around flaring and energy efficiency. He maintains an extensive international expert network for CO2 management and energy efficiency, and overview of global policy making.