Joost Brinkman


Joost is an energetic sustainability leader that thrives in a complex multi stakeholder environment. Joost’s passion is to initiate and organize change and build teams to transform ideas into reality. His ultimate goal is to create massive positive impact.

Since he managed the Amsterdam Smart City program in 2009, he’s been on the forefront of innovation and sustainability. Joost has an extensive experience with business development, project management, marketing and sales.

Before joining Synkero as managing director, he was program director of Zero Emission Services: an innovative mobile energy concept to decarbonize the inland waterways. He also worked for a solar energy startup and was sustainability director at Accenture.

In his private life Joost is also driven by sustainability. He is member of the board of a local energy cooperation, one of the driving forces behind the Cycling 4 Climate foundation and lives in an energy positive house.

He studied applied physics at the Delft University of Technology.