Jelte Bosma


Jelte has an innovative mindset and he is quick to identify and promote useful synergies & connections. Using his ability to simplify complexity, he is a strong communicator, a good conversationalist and presenter and naturally has a passion for education. He finds satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal. Jelte is known for his natural leadership style and success in driving a new vision, driving change and motivating large organisations.

Jelte has 29 years of experience in the international oil & gas industry. He held leadership positions in Petroleum Engineering, regional asset development, business development, and M&A. In these positions, he was responsible for the delivery of a multitude of asset development concepts, bringing complex multi-billion dollar projects to successful investment decisions, and successfully refocussing large organisations to improved reservoir management, and production optimisation.

Jelte co-founded a small independent oil company with a focus on developing discovered Hydro Carbon Assets. In parallel to his corporate work Jelte is involved as co-investor and Advisory Board member in a successful start-up company focused on building a circular food chain by using food waste streams as inputs for insects breed.