Henk Jansma

Senior Associate

Henk is a seasoned business leader, with 34 years of experience working with Shell, primarily in the process industry.
Henk has led the global value assurance section for the Shell Downstream businesses, advising senior leaders on major capital investment decisions and commercial deals. He has been responsible as business opportunity manager for the delivery of a multitude of projects and business improvements and was a member of the Downstream Capital Investment Team that advises on global portfolio management decisions. Henk is very customer focused, a “lean” practitioner and always looking for waste reductions in the broadest sense.
More recently, Henk has been leveraging these skills to support the circular economy, leading a national working team for the Royal Institute of Engineers in the Netherlands. This has now his main passion and enables deep contributions to the sustainable development agenda. Henk has an Mechanical Master degree at Delft Technical University, specializing in the field of Systems Engineering.