Guus Kessler

Managing Partner

Guus is very passioned about the impacts of climate change and has in his 25 years of energy industry experience always focused on energy efficiency programs and the introduction of the new project management frameworks, bolstered risk management and improved capital stewardship.

Guus has worked with start-ups, as co-investor, board member and in director roles. His last corporate role was the Vice President for the Shell’s Value & Project Assurance team, overlooking the entire capital project portfolio. He reshaped and streamlined Shell’s assurance processes and has influenced how Shell is making decisions today. In all of his work, he has stayed a passionate learner; harvesting learning from the full portfolio analysis, identifying hotspots over the full life-cycle of opportunity delivery. He works both in the frontend, bringing stakeholders together, getting to investable and competitively scoped proposals, and as project manager, in the delivery of wide range of projects and change proposals.