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The high level overview


CO2 readiness & resilience


How can we help with your “climate readiness”

  • Translating and implementing COP21 outcomes: understanding how to interpret the country commitments and policy trends to what this concretely means for your organisation.
  • Reviewing environmental footprint of your business; including benchmarking and the development of a CO2 + water management and reduction plan
  • Testing the resilience of your business: Conducting scenario analysis, forecasting uncertainty and stresses, both acute and chronic, and its impact on your business
  • Driving circular economy: finding opportunities for waste reduction and creating value through re-use. Applying lean methodology and value engineering approaches to streamline your production process and asset management



The Consultancy services that we offer

  • Value assurance reviews:  We bring in deep expertise around areas of specific focus, and review your running or new projects or investment proposal. We validate and improve the decision quality and ensure that your project or venture is not unnecessarily exposed.
  • Opportunities framing sessions: Together we build the business case and roadmap, focusing on the economic model, sharpen the value proposition, and define the improvement plan. We facilitate stakeholder alignment, develop a shared vision and create the required commitment to act.
  • Optimising project scope:  We improve and innovate the scope of your project through value engineering, system engineering or lean methodologies, thereby leveraging an extensive network of experts if and when required.
  • Defining acquisition strategies: we help you to navigate the complex front-end acquisition trajectory, including due diligence, company/asset valuation, acquisition strategy, building the board pack and defining the forward plan.
  • Identifying and managing risks & uncertainties: Together we identify future events that could jeopardize your project objectives. We determine and prioritize the response actions
  • Training on climate dilemmas: We build interactive training tools focusing on climate and energy transition dilemmas. The modules comprise deep learning on energy themes, team collaboration and usage of management decision concepts. We provide climate awareness programs for NGOs, schools and education centers that stimulate the right dialogue.

Opportunity / project delivery


The “business partnering” that we like to do

  • Opportunity maturation : we have lots of experience in opportunity development and maturation. Bringing diverse stakeholder groups together in order to get to a mutually investable proposition.  Working through complexity and with uncertain data.
  • Project and value delivery: We like to be made accountable for results delivery. Ultimately, credibility and continues improvement comes from reliable delivery on the promises made.  We maintain a strong (risked) value focus throughout the delivery process and make sure we deliver on promise.
  • Business development: We are focused on the strength of the business proposition first , and where we see potential value and alignment with our mission statement, we are always keen to become a true business partner in unlocking and delivering that value.

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