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The Darel management team comprises seasoned professionals with over 200 years of collective experience who are creative, and very driven in their pursuit of results for our clients and partners.

Our Partners

Guus Kessler

Managing Partner


Guus has worked 24 years with Shell. In his last role he was the Vice President for the corporate Value & Project Assurance team, overlooking the entire Shell capital project portfolio.
He reshaped and streamlined Shell’s assurance processes, was co-creator of various successful business improvement programs, including overseeing the introduction of the new project management framework, bolstered risk management and improved capital stewardship.
He has influenced how Shell is making decisions today. In all of his work, he has stayed a passionate learner; harvesting learning from the full portfolio analysis, identifying hotspots over the full life-cycle of opportunity delivery. He works both in the frontend, bringing stakeholders together, getting to investable and competitively scoped proposals, and as project manager, in the delivery of wide range of projects and change proposals.
Guus embraces diversity and has been working in many countries around the world, developing strong senior leadership –and people skills. He also acted as the CO2 business manager for Shell Upstream, with special focus on rolling out energy efficiency programs throughout Shell’s project and asset base. In parallel to his main corporate role, Guus has also worked with start-ups, as co-investor, board member and in director roles.

Tim Bertels


Since 2005 Tim Bertels works full-time on CO2 management. In his last role Tim was the CO2 Implementation Manager and Head of Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) for Shell.

Tim worked for Shell for over 30 years primarily in Exploration & Production, holding several technical & leadership positions in countries across the world. He has been involved from the “inception” as part of the strategic think-tank within Shell for how big corporates should deal with CO2 management. He was directly involved and harvested valuable learning from the earlier adopter CCS projects like Barendrecht (Netherlands) and later Peterhead (UK), including the importance of deep collaboration and alignment, and the stamina needed to energise people -and maintain focus on long-term risk management goals.

Under his leadership Shell implemented more effective carbon management measures and policies, specifically around flaring and energy efficiency. He maintains an extensive international expert network for CO2 management and energy efficiency, and overview of global policy making.

Marc Peters


Marc has worked 25 years for Shell Upstream International in various technical and leadership roles and 5 years as an independent management consultant. In his last role for Shell he was the lead value assurance consultant for the Europe region where he implemented the stage-gate value assurance process.

He led multi-functional teams, reviewed the maturation of projects with Capital expenditure totalling over tens of billion of dollars and advised decision executives if projects are ready or not to proceed to the next phase. Projects ranged from onshore & offshore field development, underground gas storage (UGS), carbon capture and storage (CCS), sustainable development and energy efficiency to acquisition and divestments, in both operated and non-operated environments.

As an independent consultant he fulfilled key roles in upstream venture start-up initiatives, technical and non-technical due diligence including portfolio analysis and strategy development, country analysis and competitive landscaping, risk assessment, company/asset valuations and the maturation of investment proposals.

Marc has the ability to align stakeholders and bring structured, clear and systematic management processes to complex projects and problems. He has delivered many successful opportunity framing and value improvement events around the world and the processes, tools and the lessons learned are valid and applicable to any high capital spending business opportunity be it in the oil & gas, renewable energy, infrastructure or manufacturing industry.

Marc holds an MSc geoscience from Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Sven Kramer


Sven worked in a wide range of technical and operational management positions in assets (UK and Oman) and in commercial and leadership roles at headquarters, some with Profit & Loss responsibility.

Sven developed Corporate planning processes and systems, and applied top quartile technology and R&D portfolio management processes including Shell’s Game Changer innovation.

He has been in strategy roles advising up to Executive level and gained extensive change management and continuous improvement experiences. Sven is a quick learner and a natural integrator, hence taking an end-to-end, life-cycle view.

Sven has a track record of delivering results under pressure, with and through others, putting people at the right place, optimising diversity of people skills and talents, actively coaching, stimulating and developing staff and powerful teams. He is a people person with excellent stakeholder management skills, easily communicating at all levels, and naturally building genuine longstanding relationships.

Sven likes to exploit his experience helping others transition to a more sustainable society.

Jelte Bosma



Jelte has 29 years of experience in the international oil & gas industry. In Shell E&P he held leadership positions in Petroleum Engineering, regional asset development, business development, and M&A.

Jelte has been working in many countries in the world, being responsible for the delivery of a multitude of asset development concepts, bringing complex multi-billion dollar projects to successful investment decisions, and successfully refocussing large organisations to improved reservoir management, and production optimisation. In Shell Gas & Power he was involved in transforming Shell’s European gas strategy, and subsequently reshaping its Dutch footprint, for the upcoming market liberalisation.

Jelte co-founded a small independent oil company with a focus on developing discovered Hydro Carbon Assets. In parallel to his corporate work Jelte is involved as co-investor and Advisory Board member in a successful start-up company focused on building a circular food chain by using food waste streams as inputs for insects breed.

Jelte has an innovative mindset and he is quick to identify and promote useful synergies & connections. Using his ability to simplify complexity, he is a strong communicator, a good conversationalist and presenter. He finds satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal. Jelte is known for his natural leadership style and success in driving a new vision, driving change and motivating large organisations.

Koen van Eig



Koen is an entrepreneur-manager. During his career he has been managing medium-sized manufacturing companies (100-400 employees) as co-owner or as manager within a large corporate company. He does this with a real human touch, building personal relationships with all of its employees, developing and coaching them, even under difficult business circumstances. At the same time, Koen has real executive presence and rapidly builds strong credibility with shareholders and directors.
He has extensive experience with business development, divestment, corporate restructuring and disentanglement. His core expertise is marketing & sales, covering a wide variety of products and industrial sectors.
Koen excels in synergizing, framing and implementing successful business strategies. Koen’s passion is to implement practical “circular” solutions that not only have a positive environmental impact but also drive the business forwards.
He has wide international experience, having held senior leadership positions in Europe, Asia and Australia. Koen can be described as loyal, phlegmatic, committed and persevering. He’s a real team player and enjoys building high-performance team environment.
Albert Paardekam
Frontend Development

Joppe Cramwinckel
Water and land management



Coen Friederich
Project Management

Henk Jansma
circulaire economie



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