How we work

Flexible, agile and client oriented

We typically start with an exploratory conversation to understand the desired services, overall objectives and purpose, the context and the corporate mentality. If we feel there is a connection in terms of our mentality and purpose we will do everything we can to get to an agreeable “contract”

DAREL likes to get involved from the initial opportunity framing, but we recognise that in many “brownfield” situations it may be best to start with an assurance event.  An assurance event can effectively demonstrate our value proposition at low or even no cost to the client.  We use our experience in consultation with the client to identify potential risks, gaps and improvement opportunities in the current asset -or project plan and proposal. While this is a stand-alone service, we very much like to see it as the start of a long-term relation.

Given our integrated capability and business background, we prefer to be given the opportunity to provide an end-to-end integrated value delivery service, in close collaboration with the client designated delivery team. We are most happy to take accountability for specific outcomes, sharing an element of risk, and not only provide a relative “risk free” consultancy advice.

When we organise training events, we will make those modular and very tailored towards the specific needs of our clients. As with our framing sessions, we strive to make them always highly interactive, optimally leveraging our own capability as well as bringing out the best of the client team’s. We believe in high energy, high performance and high fun.

We are happy to provide training and workshops in each of the key themes as mentioned under our capabilities. But we prefer to work on real client opportunities and dilemmas, potentially making that the core case study of the training event.

As we have no shareholders and believe in what we do, we are therefore comfortable to work with a flexible reward structure, lump sum, fixed fees or even a risk based reward structure with conditional fees. We typically like to make our reward fair and affordable to our clients. This also means that if you are a start-up or a non-profit organisation, we may significantly reduce our rates or even may decide to co-invest.

We will not take work where we believe we cannot add value. Life is too short for that. If we have inadvertently overestimated our capability and did not add any value, we do not want to get paid!

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