Overview of our Capabilities

Supporting our Mission


Ultimately, the capabilities we bundle serve towards our mission statement. They are just examples of our toolbox.

We have grouped them in four main categories, and while each of the capabilities can be leveraged individually for specific tasks and services, we believe that the uniqueness of the DAREL value proposition comes from our experience in the integrated application of these capabilities, to deliver end-to-end solutions.





For dealing with complex problems, like climate change, each of these capabilities will be called upon.

  • Decision Analysis sits at the core and correctly helps to frame the wider problem and its long term horizon
  • Risk management elements demonstrate the hard business value in acting with deep environmental and social responsibility
  • Energy Leadership capability helps to navigate the complex field of uncertainty and hard choices.
  • Reliable project delivery creates credibility and the opportunity for continuous improvement.

On top of our direct leadership and technical capabilities, DAREL also brings access to capital, financial expertise and an extensive and influential (industry) network.

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