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The Darel associates are fully integrated in the management team and provide critical knowledge and capability contribution.

Our Associates

Joppe Cramwinckel



Joppe is a pro-active entrepreneurial professional/manager and world expert in the area of water management. Joppe brings broad international experience, having worked at the United Nations, Shell and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. At the UN Industrial Development organisation he worked at technology transfer between developed and developing countries. During his 25 years at Shell he has been instrumental in improving the environmental and social performance of the company at corporate, operating unit and project level. During six years at the WBCSD he developed and led the implementation of the organisation’s Water Cluster that addresses key sustainable water management and policy initiatives.

Joppe is driven to improve the sustainability of the business sector, in particular the energy sector, and to turn potentially negative environmental and social aspects of development into opportunities. His strength is in resolving issues, considering the wider picture to address underlying causes rather than treating the symptoms. He has been successful at forging and leading alliances, by obtaining the views of the various stakeholders and creating a common vision, understanding and buy-in of the resulting proposal/opportunity. Joppe holds and MSc technological economics from University of Stirling, United Kingdom and an MSC chemical engineering form Technical University Delft, the Netherlands.’

Albert Paardekam



During the last 3 years of his 31 years with Shell, Albert has led significant change programs integrating lessons learned from the 19 preceding years where he has led and contributed to large oil and gas projects in Brazil, Norway, Scotland and England. Trained as a mathematician and reservoir engineer, Albert developed into the general role of business opportunity manager, responsible for the full integration of all technical, commercial and non-technical aspects of oil-and-gas projects working in and leading diverse teams.

Albert brings out the best in people by providing a clear purpose and by bringing inspiration and direction to the team. He is known for quality delivery against set goals and considers the journey towards those goals as important too. That is what develops people and creates winning teams, ultimately delivering breakthrough performance.

As a free agent Albert will be looking to inspire and coach people who want to contribute to the energy transition by successfully translating promising new ideas into concrete solutions.

Coen Friederich



Coen is an energetic and target driven engineer, focused on the process of achieving goal.

He combines strong Project and People management skills, with broad experience on how to build a high-performance team, where all team roles are clearly defined and players fully effective, both as individuals and as part of the (project) team. He has a wide experience in the oil & gas industry, thereby working on many offshore and onshore projects, both as engineering and project manager during his 30+ year career.

Coen is passionate about the need to change for the carbon based economy and increasingly is focussing his activities on this, including the support for alternative sources of energy like offshore wind.

Recently he assisted The Ocean Cleanup with deployment of the first pilot barrier for catching plastics in the North Sea, and was involved in preparations for the next pilot in the Pacific.


Henk Jansma



Henk is a seasoned business leader, with 34 years of experience working with Shell, primarily in the process industry.

Henk has led the global value assurance section for the Shell Downstream businesses, advising senior leaders on major capital investment decisions and commercial deals. He has been responsible as business opportunity manager for the delivery of a multitude of projects and business improvements and was a member of the Downstream Capital Investment Team that advises on global portfolio management decisions. Henk is very customer focused, a “lean” practitioner and always looking for waste reductions in the broadest sense.

More recently, Henk has been leveraging these skills to support the circular economy, leading a national working team for the Royal Institute of Engineers in the Netherlands. This has now his main passion and enables deep contributions to the sustainable development agenda. Henk has an Mechanical Master degree at Delft Technical University, specializing in the field of Systems Engineering.

Guus Kessler
Managing Partner


Tim Bertels



Sven Kramer


Marc Peters



Jelte Bosma


Koen van Eig



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